Painting Our Trex Deck!

Our deck is about 11 years old, and it’s made of Trex, which many say you should never have to change or replace. But it’s brown…. and many of you know by know that I have an aversion to brown. LOL. Plus, brown just didn’t look good with our new colors of black, grey, and […]

Basement Kitchen Ideas: A Light and Bright Update!

Growing up as a child in the 70’s, it was really common to have bedrooms in the basement! My brother and I both had basement bedrooms in our ranch-style home. And friends, let me tell you… I have quite an aversion to ranch-style homes and dark basements. LOL. It was utmost importance to me that […]

Our Durable, Waterproof Flooring for the Basement

So, the basement area that we’ve been redoing goes right out to the pool area! One of the things we learned from last summer is… A: We definitely need a bathroom and laundry area off of the pool and… B: Kids are soaking wet when they come in from being in the pool! #OhMyGoodness #MomLife […]

Our Modern and Bright Basement Bathroom

With having the pool and tons of kids over to swim and play, it became suuuper clear to us that having kids (soaking wet from the pool) have to go inside and all the way upstairs, just to go to the bathroom was a hot stinkin’ mess… because they’d be dripping water all over the […]

Light and Bright Basement Remodel

Friends, I am sooo excited to share some basement progress with you now that all the hardscapes are done! In our house growing up, my brother and I both had bedrooms in the basement of our home. Back in the ’70s and ’80s, a lot of basements were dark and dingy. So, when Jason and I […]

How to Put Up a Wood Wall in Under 3 Hours

Wood walls are all the rage right now and I’M HERE FOR IT. It’s just such a fun way to add texture. So, for another Allwood Home Remodel project, we wanted one in Easton’s bedroom! I called up my girl, Tracey from Tracey’s Fancy… she actually did Easton’s wood wall in our old home (check that […]

My Favorite Colorful Rugs!

I’m semi-obsessed with rugs. They’re just such a fun way to add color to your house and I can’t stand lounging on a bare floor. I really like having texture and coziness under my feet. Don’t you??!? So, I have a rug in nearly every room in the house. Recently, we decided to get a […]

Our Fuchsia and Red Christmas Tree!

Most people know, we moved this year!! So we’re in a new house that we have been remodeling and it’s been sooo much fun… especially to decorate for each season!  I noticed something when we started to decorate for Christmas this year. Our 7.5 foot Christmas tree from our old house looked sooo small and short in […]

Our Light Brick Archway in Kitchen – A Comfy and Glam Update

So a lot of you probably saw our fireplace redo with the light brick …  The brick on the fireplace was a huge project, which you can see and read about here.    So let’s talk about the OTHER light brick project and updating the heavily faux painted archway …  There used to be a […]