How to paint crushed VELVET fabric on your furniture (and keep it feeling soft!!!)

  Did you know you can paint velvet fabric?  Yes, paint it.  Check out the blue side of this chair which is PAINT!  Looks like a totally new piece of furniture, doesn’t it???  And the best part is….. IT STAYS SOFT!!!!!  It still FEELS soft like velvet instead of feeling a little harder like patio furniture. […]

Paint chip mannequin art

I recently finished a fun and easy project made out of 3 paint decks from Sherwin Williams. Sorry Sherwin Williams but I was looking for a creative way to bring people into our booth at the Home Show  that I speak at every year. I had a crazy vision of making a life size mannequin covered […]

Yes, leather paint is a thing

  I bought this leather recliner off of Craigslist a few weeks ago just to show you all a new leather paint.  Yep, that’s right.  A leather PAINT.  How many of you have leather furniture that looks just like this….. worn out in the butt area and faded where the sun hits it??  Notice also […]

Bold green dresser makeover with decoupage drawers

  We just finished painting what may go down as one of my favorite furniture pieces of all time.  Mr Magic picked up this ornate buffet  (my friend Paula says it’s a “Mediterranean dresser “— I have no idea, I just paint stuff!!!) – at a thrift store for me awhile back.   This post contains affiliate links for […]

Monogram Pumpkin

I had the honor of taking a ton of pumpkins onto my local television station and I wanted to make one for the host Michelle to take home with her. So I monogrammed a pumpkin for her.     If you know me, you know I am obsessed with all things polka dot and all […]

Front Door Paint – a big reveal

So I am so, so excited to tell you about the new paint line from Modern Masters that I just got to try.  It’s called Front Door Paint and I used it to take my neighbor Jody’s front door from a ho-hum, weathered black to a hellllllllllllllo hot red color!  The change is amazing! This […]

Alternate ways of using STRIPES in your painting

Ahhhhhh stripes.  The classic, timeless pattern that goes anywhere, anytime.  Often in my business right now, we are painting chevron or polka dots or damask, but stripes will always, always be fashionable! The picture above is my friend Ashley’s baby girl nursery.  Her daddy painted the stripes and I painted that monogrammed canvas….and that room is […]

Desk transformation…..and my favorite color of RED paint

We just finished painting and glazing this red desk.    I found it and this pile of treasures from a garage sale that my momma recommended I go to! SCORE! Thanks, mom!!! I had the Magic Brush girls paint it for me in Sherwin Williams Red Bay.  It’s my favorite red as long as you are glazing over […]

My new favorite dresser – a mix of paint and stain

A friend of mine from church recently gave me this dresser in exchange for “painting advice”.  Ok….she is the sweetest EVER. Doesn’t she know I give advice for free to my friends!!!!!????? (This post contains affiliate links for products I use and love) This is the finished product that the girls and I ended up […]

Falling for Chevron Furniture?

Are you falling for chevron furniture?    I have kind of balked at the recent “chevron craze”. It seemed so Charlie Brown-ish. But after listening to my faithful clients…..I tried painting my first chevron design on a piece of furniture. Let me first say, I consider myself a math LOVER.   In 6th grade, when other girls […]