A Sneak Peek of my Cobalt Blue Desk

Several months ago when Mr. Magic and I decided to buy a new home I got a private message from my friend Amy Murry from Amy Murry Designs.

I have coached Amy for the last year and a half. She was one of the first few painting instructors in my Paint Finish of the Month Club because she so ridiculously talented. 

So Amy contacted me to tell me she wanted to “gift me” a painted desk for our new home. To which I freaked out.

Who gives someone a painted desk for a housewarming gift??? Amy Murry does.

So Amy sent me photos of this gorgeous desk that she had that she wanted to paint for me.

And I began telling her that I’m obsessed with cobalt blue right now. We’ve been jokingly calling it our “Allwood family power color”.

I have touches of the blue in my pig picture that you all love (you can purchase here). 

In the rugs in my house that I’m still obsessed with (you can purchase it here).

And my bedroom and dining room are painted in a navy color! 

So a cobalt blue desk just sounded dreamy.

Plus I was so ready to get big rid of this big black monstrosity of a desk that I’ve been using for the last decade. (See it in my old office here.)

So Amy did her magic. 

And then she told me the day our new desk was going to be delivered. Maybe some of you caught the video on Facebook live? Or you saw glimpses of it on my Instagram account? But I was literally so overcome with her generosity.

Cobalt Blue Desk Jennifer Allwood - The Magic Brush

The truck backed into my driveway and these two men begin to unload my desk. It turns out the two-man were Amy’s husband, Doc, and a family friend. 

Cobalt Blue Desk Jennifer Allwood - The Magic Brush

They literally drove 12 hours ONE WAY to do hand-deliver this desk to my front door. I was overcome with emotion.

Cobalt Blue Desk Jennifer Allwood - The Magic Brush

Cobalt Blue Desk Jennifer Allwood - The Magic Brush


Cobalt Blue Desk Jennifer Allwood - The Magic Brush

So in full disclosure this desk is the prettiest darn thing I’ve ever seen but I can’t show it to any of you yet because we have “cord drama” going on in my office.

So I’m going to show you the pictures that Amy took.

Cobalt Blue Desk Jennifer Allwood - The Magic Brush

Isn’t this devine? Amy is famous for this powder glazing technique.

Cobalt Blue Desk Jennifer Allwood - The Magic Brush

 I started to cry when I saw that Amy glittered the sides of the drawer just for me. What a thoughtful personal touch!!!

Who does that??? Amy Murry’s family does! 

You can watch the entire video of me opening this on Facebook here

Cobalt Blue Desk Jennifer Allwood - The Magic Brush

And I pinky swear to show you pictures of this in my office as soon as we get lights and lose the cords and get it decorated. Stay tuned!!!

In the mean time, go follow my sweet friend Amy Murry on Facebook @amymurrydesigns




If you’re looking to pick out some new paint colors for your home, download free list of my favorite 50 paint colors here.  






  1. Sharon Hankins
    Sharon Hankins
    August 22, 2018 at 6:26 pm

    I LOVE this!! I tried clicking on Amy’s Facebook link at the bottom of your post and it didn’t find her page … will have to go looking, but thought I’d let you know. x

  2. Alane
    August 26, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    Love, love all the things in your new home. What color is your mantle and beams? Thank you for sharing!

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