My Favorite Colorful Rugs!

living room with off white couch, colorful decorations, and fuschia rug

I’m semi-obsessed with rugs. They’re just such a fun way to add color to your house and I can’t stand lounging on a bare floor. I really like having texture and coziness under my feet. Don’t you??!?

So, I have …

Our Colorful Christmas Decorations!

I’ve always said that if I could afford to have someone come decorate my home for Christmas, I would do it. We’ve had a crazy successful year with my Inner Circle coaching group, so I phoned our friend Ryan …

Flush-Mount Chandelier Lighting for Ava’s Bedroom and Bathroom

flush mount chandelier lighting

Lighting is everything, my friends!! And when it comes to the chandelier lighting we chose for Ava’s bedroom and bathroom, there’s a little bit of a funny story behind it. 

So, KCTV5 was planning to come to our home to …

Comfortable, Classy, and Colorful – My Living Room Reveal!

The first two days that we lived in our new home… this is what it looked like. The beige tones and carpet just weren’t my style.

comfortable colorful living room jennifer allwood
comfortable colorful living room jennifer allwood

What I knew about redoing this room was that I wanted to make sure …

5 Things Every Home Office Needs

things every home office needs Jennifer Allwood Ideas

I’ve been working from home for 17+ years, first running my decorating painting business from home with kids on my hips, and then my online creative business coaching the last 5 years. I am lucky to have a dedicated office …

My Craft Room Makeover Reveal

The new home that we purchased had a home office, which we recently revealed here, and it also had what could be considered a second home office right off of the kitchen and open to the kitchen. Instead of …

Finally!!! My Home Office Reveal – A Feminine Workspace for the Girl who Loves Glam

I cannot wait another second to reveal my home office to you!!

Feminine Home Office Jennifer Allwood After

feminine home office glamour Jennifer Allwood



Feminine Home Office Before Jennifer Allwood

When we moved into the office it was dark and brown and I really wanted to lighten up the space and make it ME. 


feminine home office glamour Jennifer Allwood

So …