Banana Bread

      My mother is one of the best bakers you will ever meet. One of my favorite recipes from our childhood is banana bread, and we literally make it all the time because we always buy bananas and they tend to go bad before we ever get around to eating them! As you […]

The BEST Potato Salad!

Years ago, I was roommates with my best friend Rachel and her husband John.  John is Puerto Rican and would whip up the tastiest dishes. I loved it!!! They also made THE MOST AMAZING potato salad.  I have an aversion to mustard… and they made theirs with mayo. SCORE! So Jason has now made the […]

The BEST Deviled Eggs!

My grandmother’s deviled eggs were one of my favorite things she ever made. They were SO MUCH my favorite that even though we had a fancy caterer for our wedding, I asked grandma if she would make her deviled eggs. So, she ended up making 200 eggs, which makes 400 deviled eggs and we ate […]

Bacon-Wrapped Goat Cheese Salad

Years ago, Jason took me out to this fancy restaurant that literally served turkey testicles. I tried them. #TrueStory. And they also served a bacon-wrapped goat cheese salad. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met a goat cheese I didn’t like. And this salad is just LIFE. We have figured out the perfect […]

Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce

Years ago, Jason and I went to a dinner party where they served chicken with sun-dried tomato cream sauce and it’s one of those things that I became OBSESSED with. Jason has tweaked and tweaked different recipes until he came up with his own that our entire family loves. Several of our kids will only […]

Homemade Deep Dish Pizza

The deep dish pizza is a family recipe that my family has been making since I was 4 or 5. My mother and father taught my sister who makes it for her family and they taught me. Jen has learned to “like it” but would prefer Casey’s pepperoni mushroom pizza.  – Jason Allwood   Enjoy!   […]

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

In preparation for my Equipped Women’s Conference and trying to recover from my winter full of 10 snow days and TOOOOOO MANY carbs, I’m trying to eat healthier right now. So, these lettuce wraps that my husband makes are so good because they literally are high in protein, (mostly carb free) and incredibly delicious. These […]

Wild Rice, Mushroom, and Chicken Soup

My husband has been making this chicken, wild rice and mushroom soup recipe for years and years. It is everything for mushroom lovers!  We’ve had an incredible winter this year with more snow than the last three years COMBINED. Soup is very nostalgic for me. It reminds me of growing up in the winters of […]