Converted Dresser Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Black Painted Vanity Cabinet | Magic Brush
My friend Kenna was recently selling this adorable little dresser. And I snatched it up from her garage sale.
I’d been wanting to turn a dresser into a bath vanity for awhile and this was the perfect

Finishing my office with Black French Doors!


Black French Doors Jennifer Allwood

We just had French doors installed in our dining room!!!! And I love it!

This is the area that separates my office from my hubby’s home office. And sometimes momma needs quiet…………….

You may remember we recently installed THESE BARN

Happy Mother’s Day to me! My new patio decor from TJ Maxx

So our deck has been dismal looking the last few years. ¬†We’ve been focusing so much on the INSIDE of our house that I have seriously neglected the OUTSIDE. Ug.

Every year around Mother’s Day I go get flowers to …

Our new black bypass barndoors: a tutorial


OMGoodness, I get to show you our new black bypass barndoors today.

Mr Magic made these for me after I priced some barndoors online for $1600 that had to be made to fit our opening. Um, yeah…… no thank you.…