Paint Trends of 2018

I chatted with 8 painters from across the country recently about what they thought was trending in the painting industry for 2018. We discussed colors, painting techniques and what their most-requested projects are. Each painter specializes in slightly different finishes and projects, from cabinets to furniture. Their styles are completely different and they are all […]

How to Paint a Striped Lampshade

Don’t buy a new lampshade! They are super expensive. One way to add character and save money is paint your own!! Painting lampshades can be a fun way to dress up old ones with color. My striping tips don’t only apply to lampshades, but to any time painting stripes on anything: . striping furniture and […]

Paint your ugly FLOOR VENTS to blend in to your wood floor!

Listen, friends don’t let friends have ugly, obnoxious, glaring vents in their floor. I realize this is a first world problem, but paying attention to little details like this makes all the difference in your home.   You may remember that we recently pulled up all our carpet on the first floor of our home […]

Leather ottoman makeover – and how to use leather paint on anything leather!

  I am obsessed with leather paint. You may remember this leather recliner that I made over last year! Well I had a stool that I wanted to makeover for you also! Refreshing leather with a leather paint is a one-step process and goes super quick!!!! It’s a lot of bang for your buck!  (This post contains affiliate […]

We painted our dining ceiling BLACK…. and I am obsessed!

As I announced on my Facebook page recently, I decided to paint our dining room ceiling BLACK.  I can’t wait to show you all this project and give you a dose of courage to do a wild painting project in your house!!!  This post does contain affiliate link at the bottom for many of the […]

Need to clean paint brushes with dried paint on them??? I have the fix for you!!!!

  So last week I finished painting this buffet for my Paint Finish of the Month Club.  And in typical #hotmess fashion, I was so excited to get the piece put back together and get the top decorated that I failed to wash my paint brushes out right away. Dang the luck.  Someone please tell […]

How to make a ginormously huge chalkboard for your home!

We finally, finally got my huge, oversized chalkboard framed and done.  This was one of those little projects that just kept going…. for like 2 months!  We just couldn’t seem to make time to finish it.  But…. it’s done and I couldn’t be happier.  Please pretend not to notice that we still have a mistletoe hanging. Because […]

Joy to the World Christmas pallet project

  I finished my JOY to the World Christmas pallet project for my front steps!!!!  I’m obsessed with the word JOY.  “The JOY of the Lord is my strength,” says Nehemiah 8:10.  Joy is a choice.  And I want to be covered in it!  LITERALLY. **Note this post does contain affiliate links. I may receive a small commission […]

My Homemade Boxwood wreath – what worked and what didn’t

  I shared my newly made boxwood wreath with you all on my Facebook page.  I wanted to order 3 of these online but I just could not justify the steep cost  (almost $100 each) especially when I have boxwood bushes growing in the front of my house!!! I needed to make my own boxwood wreath.   […]

It’s my last FALL pallet project! I pinkie swear this time!

I did it. I made another fall pallet. I couldn’t help myself. I know I already made this one and this one,  but I was itching to make a CANDY CORN inspired fall pallet for my pallet painting party! I want to tell you how I did it! **Note this post does contain some affiliate links […]