Lights Around Pool Area

So, we were getting ready to host the VIP event for my Equipped conference at our home. I’m a firm believer that lights can make the biggest difference in setting the mood and giving some ambiance to the area. Since the VIP night was in the evening, we wanted to make sure there were some […]

Simple Landscaping Ideas!

As a busy family of 6, (who am I kidding?!?! even when I DIDN’T have kids)… It was just super important to me that our landscaping be A: Colorful because I love color and B: Super easy to maintain. Let’s face it: I tend to kill EVERYTHING. lol. So, we asked Randy Kitch from Kitch’s […]

Black Painted Planters!

When we bought our new home in the winter last year, the pool was closed. These planters were already here. The homeowners showed us these concrete planters and told us that they sat next to the pool and are waterfalls. So basically, you plant flowers in the top of them, then water comes through the […]

The BEST Deviled Eggs!

My grandmother’s deviled eggs were one of my favorite things she ever made. They were SO MUCH my favorite that even though we had a fancy caterer for our wedding, I asked grandma if she would make her deviled eggs. So, she ended up making 200 eggs, which makes 400 deviled eggs and we ate […]

Pink Painted Pots!

As many of you know, we had a business conference for women of faith, called Equipped Conference, in May! We were trying to get the outside of the house all looking perfect because we were going to have around 90 people here! You can see how we painted the exterior of the house HERE and […]

Pink + Gray Bathroom!

So, this is the wallpaper that was in the bathroom when we moved in. Taking down that wallpaper was one of the FIRST things we did when we moved into the new house. The new wallpaper we added is pink and gray and it’s seriously gorgeous. You can find a full blog post on that […]

Turn a Photo into Wallpaper!

There’s a woman in my Inner Circle coaching group named Emily Swindell and she owns Creatives Online Academy. I was aware that she did amazing wallpaper murals where she would turn a photo into wallpaper. And before we got little miss Ari, this had always been one of my favorite photos of my children. It […]