Bright and Light Mudroom

When we first moved here, the mudroom was really dark. The floors were slate, there was a lot of wood and not a lot of light. So I knew I wanted to brighten is up.

Plus I ALWAYS wanted a PRETTY mudroom! This is the first part of the house we see since we park in the garage. Why not have the entry room that welcomes us home be just as pretty as the rest of the house? Makes sense, right?

We repainted the wall in here (the same color as the walls upstairs, see that post here. The color is Light French Gray.)

Then we did the majority of the cabinet in the mudroom the same color as our kitchen island, see that here. The color is Smokey Blue.

I had the gold hooks added which match the gold hooks on our kitchen cabinets, see the gold kitchen hardware here.

We left the beadboard stained, just like we did in the kitchen. I liked it like this because it pulls up the darker colors from the floor. Plus since the book bags are always hanging on them and banging against it, I knew it might chip and scuff so I thought this would give it the durability it needs.

I got the baskets at the top from the At Home Store. The bottom baskets are from At Home, but the exact style is sold out. Here are similar baskets.

The rug came from my Amazon shop. We painted the doors gray like throughout the rest of the house, see the other doors here.

The lighting used to be awful so it was soooo important that I get some better lighting in there. This light is off of Decor Steals.

The truth is this room doesn’t usually look like this. It’s normally a hot.stinkin.mess. but I cleaned it up just for these photos.

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