Back-to-School Photo Idea

So these two kiddos are the children bookends to our family of six.

These pictures were taken in 2019 when our oldest, Noah, was just starting his last year of high school and our bonus kiddo, Ari, was just beginning her first year. (Note: Now, one year later, we have officially adopted her!!!!!)

Ari’s grandmother (my cousin) suggested these photos and I’m so glad she did!!!

And at the last minute Jason and I decided to jump in with a walker and a cane since we will be approximately 427 years old by the time she graduates high school. 😂😂😂

If you want to recreate this photo you could easily borrow or buy some cheap ones on Amazon. I added some to my shop for you.

Also, I used these chalkboards from Amazon.  These are cute because they have a little string attached to hold onto and they are a good size to use as wall decor, too.

Happy school year, mamas!

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