Painting Exterior Stone

Isn’t it amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to brighten up an entire space.

I wasn’t happy with how dark this stone made this area of the deck so I decided to go lighter.

I called our local Sherwin-Williams and told them I was getting ready to paint some stone on the outside of our house.  This was the primer they suggested I use.

After Mr. Magic quickly blew all the dust off the stone, I lightly brushed the primer on (it doesn’t need to be perfect or heavily coated-I actually prefer it look a little weathered.)

This is in a very sheltered area in the front of our house so it won’t take a beating from rain or sunshine.

The best part??? It only took Ava Grace and I ONE HOUR to complete this project! Cuz nobody’s got time for long stinkin’ projects! LOL

finished exterior wall

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