Our Gallery Wall

Ever since we moved into our new house, I really wanted to do a gallery wall.

I had a gallery wall in the old house and I looooooved it! Probably because gallery walls are a little bit extra and as you know, EXTRA is totally my JAM!

The problem was we brought all the old photos from the old house, and there were approximately 9,467 of them, all in mismatched frames that were mostly brown. Because we’ve made a complete transition in the new house to a lighter, brighter color palette, I knew I was going to have to do three things in order to have the gallery wall I really wanted.

1) Reframe everything
2) Determine which photos I would actually use (I seriously have waaaay too many!)
3) Figure out the pattern (quite possibly the HARDEST part!)

I got all the smaller frames from Target and At Home. I actually used the same ones from this blog post a few months ago (the one with #blondemoment when I realized the ‘hooks’ were really just to hang the frames on the display at the store…not at home, so I had to recreate them.) These are great frames because they’re super inexpensive and when you’re doing a gallery wall, it can get expensive very quickly if you have it all professionally framed.

For the larger photos, we took them to Hobby Lobby (where all good things happen!) and we had them matted in white and then framed, which cost us our kid’s education…sorry about that Noah. #kidding…#kinda

So I ended up with all the pictures framed and then they just sat on the floor in the living room.

They sat there and mocked me for about a month before I finally made the decision to call my friend Ryan who did all of our Christmas decorating last year (see that blog post here). I asked him if he would come and hang it all up for me so I didn’t have to look at them on my floor for one more day. He’s amazing so of course, he agreed!

The truth is I barely got any photos of Ryan working on it because he got to our house, rolled out some craft paper, then cut out different size pieces of the paper to correspond with the size frames I had-essentially making a template for the entire wall! GENIUS! And then all he had to do was hang them!

He literally had it all done in a couple hours, so by the time I had a minute to go talk to him and see the progress, he had most of it done! So I only have some before and after pictures, besides one picture of Ava climbing up on a ladder (because the kid likes heights) as Ryan was finishing the wall.

It honest to goodness makes me sooo stinkin’ happy because it’s in our most intimate space where all of our bedrooms are upstairs and I get to pass by it each morning and evening. I just love it how it turned out!