Bright and Bold Bedroom Remodel

Is it just me or is the master bedroom the LAST thing on your list to get crossed off, since typically no one else really sees it anyway? Well, we had our furniture for 15 years and it was really time to brighten it up and change the look of this whole room.

So I was having a conversation with Dorrie from Simple Southern Charm and telling her I wanted to redo my bedroom but that I could really use some help.

She’s an interior decorator and told me she could help me virtually. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how that would work because whenever I’ve worked with them in the past they have always come to my house.

BUT this was seriously the coolest experience! She made it soooooo easy! She recommended certain things and would send me the links on where to get them along with any discount codes she knew of!

What I told her I wanted was for it to feel suuuuper colorful AND glam! I needed bold, bright colors while still feeling really glamorous and beautiful! And she nailed it!!

Here are some of the items we picked out.

We painted the walls in Indigo Batik by Sherwin Williams because the old blue we had was a little too gray-ish and I wanted something more vibrant. Find that paint color HERE. We updated my comforter to this Velvet Tufted Stitch Quilt (in teal)’s super cute and soft, plus it’s under $90!

And you can find it HERE! We also added some fun, decorative pillows, cuz who doesn’t need more throw pillows! The blue velvet pillowcases are HERE; the tan fawn printed pillowcases are HERE; and the pink pillow cases are HERE!

Something that was really important to me was to make sure we still had enough seating for myself, Mr. Magic, and our four kiddos. I know a lot of people say we shouldn’t have a TV in our bedroom, but for the lifetime of our marriage, we have always had one, and I can’t image not having it. It also seems a lot of times the kids end up watching a movie or TV in bed with us at night, so we needed enough spots that we could all lounge in the room together. We found these teal chairs (shop similar chairs HERE!) and moved the sofa from our living room into the bedroom. You can find the sofa HERE!

HERE‘s the link to the COLORFUL rug.

In this photo you can also see our nightstands and bedside lamps, both mirrored!

Here’s the link to the nightstands. Here’s the link to the lamps at Pier 1, but since they are no longer available, I found something similar. Here is a similar teal lampshade. And here is a mirrored lamp.

I’m loooooving this fresh look! And I’m enjoying making my bed again! LOL!

Dorrie also has consulting, an online community, staging services and more! Check her out here!

If you’re someone who LOOOOVES colors as much as I do, have you seen the rest of our home remodel?

Here’s our dining room!

And my chic home office!

And my GLAM kitchen!

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