Grandma’s Painted Outdoor Rocking Chair

My mom recently gave me my grandparents old outdoor rocking chairs to paint. They sat in the garage for a bit, until I finally figure out how I wanted them to look!  Note: some of these links may be affiliate links and I may earn an income from them. They looked like this before.  Sad […]

How to use contact paper to make a cabinet look MIRRORED

  We just finished the funnest project. We added “mirror” to the front of that buffet. I am obsessed with all things shiny, so I know this will surprise no one.   Our buffet started out looking like this. And if you really want to see how ugly it was before I painted it this […]

Leather ottoman makeover – and how to use leather paint on anything leather!

  I am obsessed with leather paint. You may remember this leather recliner that I made over last year! Well I had a stool that I wanted to makeover for you also! Refreshing leather with a leather paint is a one-step process and goes super quick!!!! It’s a lot of bang for your buck!  (This post contains affiliate […]

Chippy blue dresser ——->>> calm white dresser

  I know I have previously said that I am “allergic to white paint”.  But dang it! Sometimes it’s just the RIGHT COLOR to go with, ya know???? We just finished painting this dresser and I want to tell you how we did it!   This post does contain affiliate links for your shopping convenience. […]

Crackled Chair – a total happy accident!

I recently had the honor of painting this chair for a women’s event at my church that Julianna Zobrist was speaking at.  For those of you who don’t know, Julianne is married to the 2016 World Series baseball MVP, Ben Zobrist. Julianna is a singer, songwriter, total fashionista and…. kind of a big deal, so […]

PAINT that OLD curtain rod- an easy DIY!!

I just got done painting a curtain rod at my house and I’m so obsessed with how it turned out that I’m getting ready to do a cabinet in the same finish.  Boom! I was going to purchase a curtain rod that looked like this….. flat black with white accents.  Pretty.   But I had […]

The HAPPIEST DIY office curtains in the world…. made by the girl who CAN’T SEW

So I have been looking at FINALLY putting up DIY curtains in my office. I haven’t seen any pre-made curtains in stores that I love, so I’ve been searching on Etsy.  I stumbled across some in a fabric by Waverly named “Santa Maria Desert Flower” and I dug them. They made me super happy but they were a little […]

My bath curtain. My bronze truffle cabinets. My lack of sewing skills.

  On Monday I blogged about the new bath caddy that the amazing Mr. Magic made for me.  It’s gorgeous and perfect and ONLY LOOKS THAT GOOD WHEN I HAVE IT STAGED FOR PICTURES.  Lol.  The rest of the time I am wrangling Ava’s toys off of it (have you seen the Ken and Barbie pictures??). Many […]

Bath CADDY? Bath SHELF? Bath TRAY? Toy holder??????

A while back I mentioned to Mr. Magic that I would LOVE to have a bath caddy or bath tray made to go over our bathtub.  Because he is amazing at interpreting my “hints” as what they really are…. “requests”, he made it happen.  But I was a little shocked at how!  He may be genius!  I […]

Mr Magic made me a “C” table

  Did you know they were even called that?  I didn’t!  I called them “the little tables that scooched under the bottom of the sofa”.  One of my amazing Facebook followers clued me in ….. they are “C” tables cuz’ they are shaped like the letter “c”.  #MindBlown.  You guys are so smart! So anyhoo, […]