O come Let us Adore Him Christmas Sign

  Last year I made a barnwood Christmas sign to hang over my front door. It’s a simple DIY project that just requires wood, paint and a stencil (the gold leaf letters are optional). I will give you my quick instructions below! This post may contain affiliate links which I provide to make your project easier […]

Don’t make your own word stencils! Get my top stencil secret here!

It’s no secret that I love using stencils. I love word stencils, pattern stencils, all over stencils, furniture stencils….you name it! And the question I get over and over about my stenciling projects is “Jennifer how do your word stencils look so perfect?” Well, I never make my own stencils…. I have a stencil secret! I […]

Joy to the World Christmas pallet project

  I finished my JOY to the World Christmas pallet project for my front steps!!!!  I’m obsessed with the word JOY.  “The JOY of the Lord is my strength,” says Nehemiah 8:10.  Joy is a choice.  And I want to be covered in it!  LITERALLY. **Note this post does contain affiliate links. I may receive a small commission […]

Easy JOY barnwood sign for Christmas

This painted barnwood sign is such an easy DIY project but yet I get many questions about it that I thought I would write another post on it for you! EASY JOY BARN WOOD SIGN FOR CHRISTMAS   I have no idea where I got that old piece of barnwood. But it was short and squatty and […]

It’s my last FALL pallet project! I pinkie swear this time!

I did it. I made another fall pallet. I couldn’t help myself. I know I already made this one and this one,  but I was itching to make a CANDY CORN inspired fall pallet for my pallet painting party! I want to tell you how I did it! **Note this post does contain some affiliate links […]

PAINT that OLD curtain rod- an easy DIY!!

I just got done painting a curtain rod at my house and I’m so obsessed with how it turned out that I’m getting ready to do a cabinet in the same finish.  Boom! I was going to purchase a curtain rod that looked like this….. flat black with white accents.  Pretty.   But I had […]

“Always Give Thanks” fall pallet

  This fall pallet has my whole heart right now.  I’m obsessed with this “Shirley’s Pumpkin” color that I used on it.  Like I want to redo every.stinkin.thing.in my fall decor this color.    This post contains affiliate links for paint products and colors that I use and LOVE – your purchases help support my […]

Baseball front porch decor

The Kansas City Royals, my hometown baseball team, is in the ALCS playoffs. So in support of them, I decorated our front porch in a “Be Royal” theme. Obviously this could be adapted to any baseball team or to any sport but this is my baseball front porch decor for fall!     I have […]

My bath curtain. My bronze truffle cabinets. My lack of sewing skills.

  On Monday I blogged about the new bath caddy that the amazing Mr. Magic made for me.  It’s gorgeous and perfect and ONLY LOOKS THAT GOOD WHEN I HAVE IT STAGED FOR PICTURES.  Lol.  The rest of the time I am wrangling Ava’s toys off of it (have you seen the Ken and Barbie pictures??). Many […]

DIY Growth Chart Ruler

Every time I post a picture of the growth chart ruler that we made, I get tons of questions asking how to make them.  It’s so, so easy that I’m not even sure it’s worth a blog post! But, I’m going to give you all the details so you can make your own growth chart! This […]