Women’s Clothing Ideas

It tickles me that you ask me about my clothing. Look, as a 46 year old mom of three 8+ pound babies, I am just trying to hide certain things, keep certain things in place and look sassy in the process. lol.  But here are some of the latest outfits that I have worn that […]

7 of my Favorite Things

    #LIVE: 7 of my favorite things…. Oprah style but without the free car! Join me!!!! Posted by Jennifer Allwood on Friday, April 28, 2017 Posted by Jennifer Allwood on Friday, April 28, 2017  Jen’s Favorite Things Some of these links may be affiliate links of which I make a small commission. Nonetheless, these […]

Mommy Daughter Tutu Pictures

Our family recently vacationed in La Jolla, CA and while we were there, we took family photos and some fun mommy-daughter pictures of Ava and I on the beach in matching tutu skirts.  I can’t believe we have not done this before? It was such a fun thing to do together!   *This post does contain […]

MAKEUP: My failed attempt at a 5 minute face – A Makeup Tutorial

I really wanted to do a 5-minute face video for you all, but apparently it actually takes me longer than 5 minutes, especially when I am talking! Lol. Following is the list of products I use every single day. Like every.single.day. I wish I could tell you that I often go fresh-faced and makeup free. […]

HAIR: Naturally curly hair … my routine and products

The fact that you all want to know how I do my naturally curly hair just cracks me up. You know I basically just blowdry and backcomb like it’s 1989, right???  lol.  You all make this big hair wearin’ girl feel good!!!! xoxoxoooooooooo Because we do get so many emails and comments asking about products […]

FASHION: Now they carry shoes and my shopping life is made.

You guys know I love Stitchfix!!! I have used their program for 11 months to get new clothes hand selected and delivered to my doorstep.  I love clothes, but I hate to shop. Like I HATE TO SHOP. I know, you want to take my girl card, but it’s true. Who has time to shop?????  (this […]