Joy Chalkboard Sign

DIY Christmas Chalkboard Sign | The Magic Brush

One year I made a bunch of little chalkboards like this to give away on my Facebook page and for teacher gifts! It was so fun!

These little Christmas chalkboard signs are super, super easy and can totally be modified …

Chalkboard paint isn’t just for chalkboards!!!

I have painted approximately 538 things in our home in chalkboard paint!

Yes, I have painted these chalkboards and this huge, ginormous chalkboard in our hallway…. but I have also used chalkboard paint on several other things that you …

Last minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Are you scrambling for some last minute gift ideas for mom that are CREATIVE and ORIGINAL? Me too!

I have a few quick ideas for you. Just click on any link idea for the full tutorial!



  • You could make mom

How to make a ginormously huge chalkboard for your home!

oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush

We finally, finally got my huge, oversized chalkboard framed and done.  This was one of those little projects that just kept going…. for like 2 months!  We just couldn’t seem to make time to finish it.  But…. it’s done and …

A LAST MINUTE Thanksgiving table idea that is disposable!

Welcome to my Thanksgiving Tablescape Blog Hop with 12 gifted DIY bloggers and their creations! Below you’ll find my last-minute Thanksgiving table idea that is disposable!

Thanksgiving table decorations | Magic Brush


I know there are virtually NO MINUTES LEFT until the holidays.  But the good news is …

Our first ever…. DECOR SWAP Party!

decor swap party
So last week my friend Samantha and I hosted our first ever “decor swap” party.  It was a ton of fun and we learned a lot from it! I’m going to share with you what we did and what we …

How to make a chalkboard from an old thrift store print (easy gift idea!)


How to make a chalkboard from an old framed print turquoise after

I’m going to show you how to make a chalkboard from an old framed print. I recently painted this turquoise chalkboard as giveaway for a friend for the Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association.  Most of you know my hubby …

Perhaps the cutest lemonade stand ever (but I may be a little biased)

lemonade stand pinterest

A few years back we were hired to faux paint a client’s laundry room walls. While working in her home, I noticed she had an awesome lemonade stand for her children in her garage.  It was so stinkin’ cute and …

My first speaking engagement – I thought I hated public speaking?



In the springtime, I was asked by a woman who I met thru The Red Apron to speak at her church’s Christmas Gathering Women’s event.  I, of course asked for details.  And when she said “1100 women in attendance” …