Painting Outdoor Slate

When we moved into this house, it was on slate overload (sorry to all of you slate lovers out there, I still love you!)

It was on the front steps (see our front steps now), the stairway was slate (see it now), the kitchen was slate (see our kitchen remodel), and on our deck (the photo below shows what it looked like.)

Our deck was the only place that (after two years of living here) still had the dark slate. I wanted to get rid of it forever but the other projects in the home took priority.

The idea of ripping this slate out was a project I didn’t have the time/energy/mental capacity to take on at the moment…Not to mention, who wants to have their deck under construction in the middle of summer? #notme.

But I neeeeeded to brighten it up so I decided to paint it, knowing in the back of my mind that if the paint didn’t stick, it was fine because we eventually want to redo it anyway.


-I had my husband power wash all the junk off of it.

-I used one coat of this Sherwin-Williams Super Deck paint and let it dry to three days. (Pro-painter tip: The amount of time you need to let paint dry is dependent on humidity and temperature. You know it’s cured when you can scratch it with your fingernail and it doesn’t come off.)

-Then I did the second coat 3 days later.

-I used a paint roller.

My rugs are from Hobby Lobby. I couldn’t find the same one online, but I found some similar options here.

I plan of doing a stencil on top of the paint because white obviously shows everything. When I painted it I didn’t do it perfectly since I knew I would stencil it and I don’t want it to show every little piece of dirt, bed bugs, leaves, etc. #outdoorliving

I’ll post more about stenciling the deck soon!

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