Decorating a Painted Chalkboard for a Fundraising Event

Here’s how I decorated a painted chalkboard for a fundraising auction event.

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#LIVE: I am painting and decorating a chalkboard for a fundraising event! Join me!

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Chalkboard paint isn’t just for chalkboards!!!

I have painted approximately 538 things in our home in chalkboard paint!

Yes, I have painted these chalkboards and this huge, ginormous chalkboard in our hallway…. but I have also used chalkboard paint on several other things that you …

How to make a ginormously huge chalkboard for your home!

oversized chalkboard wall | the magic brush

We finally, finally got my huge, oversized chalkboard framed and done.  This was one of those little projects that just kept going…. for like 2 months!  We just couldn’t seem to make time to finish it.  But…. it’s done and …

Gender reveal…It ALMOST makes me wanna get pregnant again….

Chalkboard Paint Gender Reveal Box | Magic Brush


My precious friend, Ashley, asked me to help her paint something for their  “gender reveal” party.

First of all, let’s have a moment of silence over the fact that Ashley’s PREGNANT waist is smaller than my normal waist after 3 kids. …