How We Updated our Interior Faux Columns

Faux Columns Interior - Jennifer Allwood The Magic Brush

When we moved into our house there were two round columns in the dining room that were super heavily textured and the irony is that my team is who textured those very heavily nine years ago. When we hired the people to …

So you wanna get rid of your textured walls?

Textured Wall Removal Jennifer Allwood

As many of you know, we’re in the process of remodeling our new house and just went through the process of removing the very heavy faux finishes that were throughout our home. 

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Need some motivation on that fall project?

Pouring a paint into a painting tray


Fall if my favorite time to do house projects because I’m in total nesting mode for the holidays!!!!  It’s also the best time of year to do the projects that require less humidity (cabinets and garage doors).  And, you …

Real estate pictures are worth a 1000 words!!!


IMG_2800 MLS

So our house is up for sale.  We haven’t sold a house in over 11 years.  And apparently….this thing called “the internet” is where everyone is house shopping online???  Ha. Go figure.

So, even though we knew people would …