Our Colorful Christmas Decorations!

I’ve always said that if I could afford to have someone come decorate my home for Christmas, I would do it. We’ve had a crazy successful year with my Inner Circle coaching group, so I phoned our friend Ryan …

Valentine’s Glitter Mason Jar


DIY Glitter Mason Jar | Valentine's Crafts | Valentine Mason Jar | Magic Brush

Ok these may be the cutest Valentine crafts of all time.

Glittered mason jars are perfect for parties, projects with your daughter or just sitting on the kitchen counter.


Here is what you need to make Valentine mason …

Paint brushes as glittered Christmas ornaments

Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with 2 things… painting and glitter. 

So it’s only fitting that I have made glittered ornaments from paint brushes to use as gifts and put on our tree!


*This post contains

Glittered ice skates are taking over Christmas decor!


Glittered Ice Skates | Magic Brush

I have fallen in love with glittering ice skates.

Seriously, I want to glitter every pair I see.

Even though I have never ice skated, the sight of old ice skates bring up memories of Christmases  growing up.  There …