DIY Frame Hooks

  I haven’t done any home projects in two months because I’ve been finishing writing my book! Friends, let me tell you, that took every ounce of my physical, mental, creative and emotional energy, so thank you for sticking with me through that whole process because it was a wild ride! And prepare for preorders […]

Our New, Modern Spindles!

  When we moved into the new house, there was literally nothing wrong with the spindles. They were very traditional, with an alternating basket and swirl style. But since we were trying to get the house away from traditional style and make it a little more modern, the more we updated our decor, the spindles […]

Basement Kitchen Ideas: A Light and Bright Update!

Growing up as a child in the 70’s, it was really common to have bedrooms in the basement! My brother and I both had basement bedrooms in our ranch-style home. And friends, let me tell you… I have quite an aversion to ranch-style homes and dark basements. LOL. It was utmost importance to me that […]

How to Put Up a Wood Wall in Under 3 Hours

Wood walls are all the rage right now and I’M HERE FOR IT. It’s just such a fun way to add texture. So, for another Allwood Home Remodel project, we wanted one in Easton’s bedroom! I called up my girl, Tracey from Tracey’s Fancy… she actually did Easton’s wood wall in our old home (check that […]

Flush-Mount Chandelier Lighting for Ava’s Bedroom and Bathroom

Lighting is everything, my friends!! And when it comes to the chandelier lighting we chose for Ava’s bedroom and bathroom, there’s a little bit of a funny story behind it.  So, KCTV5 was planning to come to our home to do a segment on decorating kids rooms. You can watch the segment here! Better yet, Mr. Magic […]

Painted Picture Frame Fix

Check out my quick painted picture frame fix:   This post contains affiliate links for products I use and love! Ever find a framed picture that you love but you wish the FRAME was a different color?  This happens to me on occasion and I have a super easy, fast tip for you to fix […]