Basement Kitchen Ideas: A Light and Bright Update!

Growing up as a child in the 70’s, it was really common to have bedrooms in the basement! My brother and I both had basement bedrooms in our ranch-style home. And friends, let me tell you… I have quite an …

How to Put Up a Wood Wall in Under 3 Hours

rustic wood wall in teenage sons bedroom by jennifer allwood

Wood walls are all the rage right now and I’M HERE FOR IT. It’s just such a fun way to add texture.

So, for another Allwood Home Remodel project, we wanted one in Easton’s bedroom!

I called up my girl, Tracey …

Flush-Mount Chandelier Lighting for Ava’s Bedroom and Bathroom

Lighting is everything, my friends!! And when it comes to the chandelier lighting we chose for Ava’s bedroom and bathroom, there’s a little bit of a funny story behind it.

So, KCTV5 was planning to come to our home to …