Bold and Glam Fall Family Photos

Fall is my favorite season!! Which also means it’s one of my favorite time to take family photos—plus isn’t everyone taking Fall family photos to then use them as holiday cards?

I always loooooove to add some glam to our …

Back-to-School Photo Idea

So these two kiddos are the children bookends to our family of six.

These pictures were taken in 2019 when our oldest, Noah, was just starting his last year of high school and our bonus kiddo, Ari, was just beginning …

Christian Family Activity: Hiding the Bible

 man cutting hole in wall

When we moved into our new house at the beginning of last year, there was this weird wall that needed to stay there for support… but it was WAY TOO BIG. We didn’t want that wall to block the …

How to Put Up a Wood Wall in Under 3 Hours

rustic wood wall in teenage sons bedroom by jennifer allwood

Wood walls are all the rage right now and I’M HERE FOR IT. It’s just such a fun way to add texture.

So, for another Allwood Home Remodel project, we wanted one in Easton’s bedroom!

I called up my girl, Tracey …

This stage of life? It’s hard too. (My love letter in response to the Austin Mom’s blog)

(yes, this pic is 6 months old because at this stage in life, it’s a miracle to get the whole family in a decent picture once a year!)

I had several friends who recently posted links on Facebook to this

Does your spouse support your business dreams? (and what to do if they don’t!)


(I posted this on my Facebook page this week and was shocked at the response!!! I thought it may bless some of you here as well!)

This guy. “Mr. Magic”. My biggest support. My gift from God. I gotta tell

5 things NOT to say to a family who wanted to adopt a child, but didn’t


aimee 4 kids

So if you have followed my blog for any length of time, you may know that for years we have tried to adopt a child.  My husband and I have 3 healthy, wonderful, wild biological children, but I have …

Yes, we unplugged our kids (taking a break from the crazy train)

Feet Warming Near The Fireplace

(NOTE:  I’ve been sitting on this blog post for a few months.  I wrote it months ago and then chickened out on posting because I know I’ll get some push back on it.  But I’ve talked to even more mommas lately whose