Your kitchen can get a makeover and a facelift by the end of the month!

Hey you sweet, sweet subscribers! I can’t thank you enough for subscribing to my posts and actually reeeeeeading what I have to say.  I big hug from me to you! Ok so listen, the very #1 complaint I hear from my Facebook fans is that you hate your kitchens. The cabinets are old.  The cabinets are dated.  […]

Cabinet painting is the new black!

Back when I started faux finishing thirteen or fourteen years ago, very rarely did people ask us to paint their kitchen cabinets. The majority of our jobs were always wall finishes and, on occasion, we would faux a bit of wall trim or an island… but very rarely an entire kitchen. I think there was an […]

Adding architectural interest to your cabinets

Do you ever see things like this at Home Depot/Lowes and wonder what you could use them for? Or things like these rectangle trim pieces? Or these architectural pieces? Or even these wooden medallions? They are all usually found in the wood trim section and come unpainted. We have had several clients lately add these […]

How my Painting Career began

So many of you sweet followers have emailed asking me about how I got into faux finishing…. and how to start a business of your own. I hope this post will be an encouragement to anyone who isn’t sure “what they want to do when they grow up”….. My dear mom just dug up some […]

Habitat for Humanity ReStore – my trip with Ava

Ava accompanied me this week to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I know, I know…. what kind of mom lets her daughter sit in the back of the cart without a safety belt on? And what kind of mom walks away from the cart just to take her picture? (She was safe… I promise. I […]