Bold and Glam Fall Family Photos

Fall is my favorite season!! Which also means it’s one of my favorite time to take family photos—plus isn’t everyone taking Fall family photos to then use them as holiday cards?

I always loooooove to add some glam to our family photos…cuz’ you know the traditional neutrals totttttttally aren’t my thing!!!!!! I can’t do photos without having some sort of pink tutu, leather jacket, gold glitter pants, or equally fabulous combo.

Here are some photos we took in Fall 2019 and Fall/Winter 2018. I thought I’d share them with you for some inspiration if you’re planning your next family photos while trying to do something a little less traditional.

Blacks, Pinks, and Neutrals

Photo cred: Brighton Photography of Kansas City

Leather Jackets and Gold Glitter Pants 👏👏

Photo Cred: Radiant Photography of Kansas City.

In 2018, we took these family photos in a place called Burr Oak Woods in Kansas City

The gold glitter pants are from Amazon and the girls’ tutus were from Amazon and my tutu was from Etsy. I can’t find the original tutu that I wore anymore but here’s a similar one—find it here.

Leather Jackets and Pink Tutus (every glam girl’s dream! lol!)


Pink Leather and Fur Jackets and Flannel

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