Pretty much EVERYTHING is paintable

after pic

Yep, pretty much EVERYTHING IS paintable.  And if you ask my hubby right now, he will probably tell you that I’m painting almost everything in our house that isn’t nailed down.  My quest to go from gold to gray continues …

And then there was the time a girl pushed my son right off the playground equipment….


So I can’t get this story out of my mind. And usually that means until I blog about it, it’s going to sit there….. bugging me like a strand of gray hair or a picture on my wall that …

Real estate pictures are worth a 1000 words!!!


IMG_2800 MLS

So our house is up for sale.  We haven’t sold a house in over 11 years.  And apparently….this thing called “the internet” is where everyone is house shopping online???  Ha. Go figure.

So, even though we knew people would …

World’s prettiest concrete fireplace?

This was my wonderful client Mary’s fireplace BEFORE….

Stained Concrete Fireplace | Magic Brush

While pretty….it just lacked OOMPH!

Stained Concrete Fireplace | Magic Brush

We did this textured faux finish in the niches flanking the fireplace.

Stained Concrete Fireplace | Magic Brush

And stained the gorgeous detail on the concrete fireplace.

Stained Concrete Fireplace | Magic Brush The stain just makes the details …