I know you were doubting me (but check out my buffet now!)

dining painted buffet before


I know that the idea of me painting this buffet hit some of you straight in the gut.  I got tons of Facebook comments telling me I was “ruining perfectly good wood” and “someone worked hard to build that …

What determines the price of painted furniture ??

Painted furniture is all the rage.

You know it.  I know it.  Every Red Apron customer and First Friday shopper in Kansas City knows it.

The blogging world knows it.  Pinterest knows it.  Every thrift store knows it which is

An Easy Way to Modernize Blocky, Bulky Furniture with Furniture Feet

Cream Nightstand - Painted Endtable Jennifer AllwoodThis may have been the world’s ugliest end table. So ugly in fact, that these are the only “Before” shots that I can find of it.

My darling husband found it at a thrift store for me for $2.99. He …