Pink Painted Pots!

As many of you know, we had a business conference for women of faith, called Equipped Conference, in May! We were trying to get the outside of the house all looking perfect because we were going to have around 90 people here! You can see how we painted the exterior of the house HERE and […]

Pink + Gray Bathroom!

So, this is the wallpaper that was in the bathroom when we moved in. Taking down that wallpaper was one of the FIRST things we did when we moved into the new house. The new wallpaper we added is pink and gray and it’s seriously gorgeous. You can find a full blog post on that […]

Turn a Photo into Wallpaper!

There’s a woman in my Inner Circle coaching group named Emily Swindell and she owns Creatives Online Academy. I was aware that she did amazing wallpaper murals where she would turn a photo into wallpaper. And before we got little miss Ari, this had always been one of my favorite photos of my children. It […]

Our Colorful + Formal Dining Room

When we moved into our new home at the beginning of last year, the dining room was low on our list of priorities. It’s really unfortunate because it’s also a wide open space that you see immediately when you walk in our front door. So, we really should have tried to focus on it a […]

Our New, Modern Spindles!

  When we moved into the new house, there was literally nothing wrong with the spindles. They were very traditional, with an alternating basket and swirl style. But since we were trying to get the house away from traditional style and make it a little more modern, the more we updated our decor, the spindles […]

Our Black Wallpaper Wall with a Fireplace Insert!

I’m so excited to show our black wallpaper wall in our basement! So, do you see how this wall has a built-in area for a fireplace? Well, our contractor, David Nelson, asked us if we wanted to do a fireplace in that spot. And the truth is, we really didn’t since we have several other […]

Modern and Bright Basement Decor!

As you guys know, we started the process of finishing off our basement back in September… You have been begging for pictures on Facebook and Instagram, but the truth is, I wanted to have the whole thing done before we posted anything!!! On HGTV, they redo a room in a day, but in real life, […]

Our Gold Front Door!

When we moved into the new house, the front doors had been faux finished by my Magic Brush Inc. faux painting company about 10 years ago. They were painted in a brown color and we literally used plastic bags to do a faux finish on them in Modern Masters English Brown. Then, the builder put […]

Front Steps Transformation

  When we moved into our new home, I knew I wanted to change the slate on the front steps.  Since we were getting rid of the rest of the slate in our house (check out the blog post on the flooring transformation HERE), we wanted to get rid of the slate on the front […]