Need some motivation on that fall project?

  Fall if my favorite time to do house projects because I’m in total nesting mode for the holidays!!!!  It’s also the best time of year to do the projects that require less humidity (cabinets and garage doors).  And, you can open windows.  Have a paint party.  Paint during football games, etc! So in honor […]

How to PAINT kitchen tile

I am in love with our newly painted kitchen cabinets.  But the tile and the countertops are like a total buzz kill for me.  So.much.brown.  I have plans to switch them both out for more contemporary colors and finishes, but until then…. I painted my tile!     How to Paint Kitchen Tile This is […]

Our kitchen gray cabinets transformation: from gold —–> gray

Transforming our house has been a slooooooooooooooooooooow process. But we are making headway with our new gray cabinets!!!    (photo cred to ES Photography in Kansas City who did our real estate photos) Many of you may remember when our kitchen looked like this.  I know in this professional photo from E.S. Photography above that the cabinets appear light […]

We made a repurposed cornice board from old rusty tin panels!

  I am over here doing a happy dance at how my rusted tin repurposed cornice board just turned out!!!!!  Rusted tin is my 2nd love language (right behind glitter).  It makes my heart beat fast.  And I know what you’re thinking…. how can I love glitter AND rust at the same time????  IDK, I […]

My nearly white entryway table. A tutorial.

  If you follow my Magic Brush Facebook page, you’ll know that I recently repainted my entryway table to look like the picture above.  I know, I know. It’s almost white.  And I thought I was allergic to white. Who knew?? (This post contains affiliate link for those products that I love & recommend.) I have loved […]

When a painter is picking a new paint color….

  Around Christmas time of this year, I decided I was over all of the gold paint in my house.  And by “over it”, I mean….. I wanted it gone like yesterday. So I decided I wanted to repaint the walls in all of the common rooms of my house. But wall color is REALLY a […]

Some thoughts about your Christmas mantel and how EXACTLY is mantel spelled anyway?

    I {heart} decorating for the holidays!  So much glitter and shiny stuff and pretty colors and it’s just my lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve language. This year is a little different for us as our house is for sale. And just whatever about that.  Lol.  So, I’ve had to scale down my decor and “vanilla-ize” everything.  But I […]

Front Door Paint – a big reveal

So I am so, so excited to tell you about the new paint line from Modern Masters that I just got to try.  It’s called Front Door Paint and I used it to take my neighbor Jody’s front door from a ho-hum, weathered black to a hellllllllllllllo hot red color!  The change is amazing! This […]

My most talked about furniture finish

Every time I do this silver faux finish and post it on my Facebook page, you all go ga-ga!!!!  It’s gorgeous, isn’t it??  (This post may contain affiliate links that help support my DIY blog. I only blog about products I use and love!) We do this silver furniture finish over and over on bedroom […]

Play up your furniture’s assets!

Ladies, have you seen the TV show “What NOT To Wear”?  There are “rules” for picking out clothes for yourself.  You should select items that flatter and play up your assets.  And on the flip side…. stay away from clothes that draw attention to your flaws. And guess what???  I use the SAME RULE when […]