Find a Christmas lantern on clearance and decorate it for winter!

  I recently decorated this lantern for a fundraising auction.  It was for Christmas, but take out the reindeer and the Christmas balls and it’s a gorgeous winter decoration.  Imagine 2 of them on your fireplace mantel! And if you go to a craft store now, you can find a Christmas lantern on clearance and decorate […]

My Homemade Boxwood wreath – what worked and what didn’t

  I shared my newly made boxwood wreath with you all on my Facebook page.  I wanted to order 3 of these online but I just could not justify the steep cost  (almost $100 each) especially when I have boxwood bushes growing in the front of my house!!! I needed to make my own boxwood wreath.   […]

A LAST MINUTE Thanksgiving table idea that is disposable!

Welcome to my Thanksgiving Tablescape Blog Hop with 12 gifted DIY bloggers and their creations! Below you’ll find my last-minute Thanksgiving table idea that is disposable!   I know there are virtually NO MINUTES LEFT until the holidays.  But the good news is that these table ideas are quick, easy and 90% disposable when you are done eating on […]

It’s my last FALL pallet project! I pinkie swear this time!

I did it. I made another fall pallet. I couldn’t help myself. I know I already made this one and this one,  but I was itching to make a CANDY CORN inspired fall pallet for my pallet painting party! I want to tell you how I did it! **Note this post does contain some affiliate links […]

Over the top, pink fall decor for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  Last year, one of my clients turned friends (I call them a “cli-end” or a “fr-ient”….. don’t you love it when that happens???) asked me to make a fall/pumpkin display for a Breast Cancer Awareness project in our Kansas City area. I was honored to come up with these pink pumpkins and think that this […]

Baseball front porch decor

The Kansas City Royals, my hometown baseball team, is in the ALCS playoffs. So in support of them, I decorated our front porch in a “Be Royal” theme. Obviously this could be adapted to any baseball team or to any sport but this is my baseball front porch decor for fall!     I have […]

HARVEST Barnwood sign for fall – my pin that is going VIRAL on Pinterest!

  This Harvest Sign is such a quick, easy burst of fall color for your front steps! Partner it with some mums and pumpkins and…. boom. Fall front porch decor = D.U.N. (yes, I know how to spell)! I will show you how to make this in a few easy steps below! This post does contain […]

Duct tape pumpkins (for princesses like myself)

  I have been labeled “the pumpkin queen” (hey we all need a title). And while that may be true, I’m a pumpkin primadonna. I HATE CARVING.  Carving = getting my hands yucky and princesses don’t have yucky hands. So I’ve come up with tons of ways just to decorate my pumpkins. This duct tape […]

An OMBRE Painted Pallet Project for Fall

I am convinced that painted pallet projects for your front porch are one of the easiest, cheapest ways to add a ton of color to your home and make a huge statement!  I had made a patriotic pallet flag project for the 4th of July that you can see here.  I was a little sad […]

Fall Porch Decorations

Every year I start thinking about my front porch decorations by about the day after the 4th of July. Lol. Like I literally cannot wait to get new fall decor up every year. I find most people just need to see a few pictures for inspiration and then they get ideas for their front porch […]