Fishnet Pumpkins: Hands down, the EASIEST way to decorate a pumpkin…..ever. Like ever, ever!

    I know it is barely September, but I can barely contain my pumpkin ideas.  You know I’ve been called the queen of pumpkin decorating, right?  Lol. So this is the first one I am going to show you this season.  This will give you plenty of time to buy what you need when you […]

My Top 15 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

It’s my favorite time of the year!!!!!  Fall is upon us and I go absolutely crazy over decorating pumpkins! There needs to be a support group for us PUMPKIN-A-HOLICS. Can I get an amen?? Pumpkins don’t have to just be carved. You can paint pumpkins, decorate pumpkins, make fancy pumpkins or pumpkins easy for kids to make. […]

Decoupaged Pumpkin

  I love to decoupage pumpkins in cool tissue paper! It’s super easy, quick to do and very forgiving if you buy a random patterned tissue. This is an easy pumpkin project for kids as well!!!     Since I was using a light colored tissue paper, I bought a white pumpkin. If I had used […]

Our first ever…. DECOR SWAP Party!

So last week my friend Samantha and I hosted our first ever “decor swap” party.  It was a ton of fun and we learned a lot from it! I’m going to share with you what we did and what we would do different NEXT TIME so that YOU can get some ideas for you and your […]

Need some motivation on that fall project?

  Fall if my favorite time to do house projects because I’m in total nesting mode for the holidays!!!!  It’s also the best time of year to do the projects that require less humidity (cabinets and garage doors).  And, you can open windows.  Have a paint party.  Paint during football games, etc! So in honor […]

Green and Black Pumpkins

  I had the honor of making an arrangement of green and black pumpkins to support a lymphoma event in Kansas City. Getting to decorate pumpkins in a non-traditional color was soooooooooooooooo much fun!!! My friend Jodi helped me throw together this collection and I hope they will inspire you to think outside the box […]

The fanciest, schmanciest pumpkins around

I’m seriously in love with this pumpkin.  It was so quick and so easy and it’s just so……. FANCY. (This post has a few affiliate links for the products I use, love and recommend.)    My assistant Vicki (God bless her.  She was just off for 4 days and I went in to mourning) was […]

Tulle Pumpkin

Decorating pumpkins with tulle are one of the EASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSIEST ways ever to dress up a pumpkin.   First, you just need a Cinderella pumpkin. I used to call them “humpy pumpkins” until I learned they have a formal name. “Cinderella pumpkin” sounds so much classier than humpy. Lol. Make sure you get a pumpkin with […]

Monogram Pumpkin

I had the honor of taking a ton of pumpkins onto my local television station and I wanted to make one for the host Michelle to take home with her. So I monogrammed a pumpkin for her.     If you know me, you know I am obsessed with all things polka dot and all […]

Chalkboard Pumpkin

You know how when you’re a blogger you are supposed to take pictures in the middle of projects so that you can do decent tutorials? Yeah well I forgot all the pictures on this one! UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Here is what I can tell you. Chalkboard pumpkins are easy breezy to make. But I would suggest you […]