Finishing my office with Black French Doors!

  We just had French doors installed in our dining room!!!! And I love it! This is the area that separates my office from my hubby’s home office. And sometimes momma needs quiet……………. You may remember we recently installed THESE BARN DOORS on one side of my office. And now that the French doors are in… […]

How to Paint a Striped Lampshade

Don’t buy a new lampshade! They are super expensive. One way to add character and save money is paint your own!! Painting lampshades can be a fun way to dress up old ones with color. My striping tips don’t only apply to lampshades, but to any time painting stripes on anything: . striping furniture and […]

Our new black bypass barndoors: a tutorial

  OMGoodness, I get to show you our new black bypass barndoors today. Mr Magic made these for me after I priced some barndoors online for $1600 that had to be made to fit our opening. Um, yeah…… no thank you. So I showed him a pic online and he made these doors with absolutely no […]

Paint your ugly FLOOR VENTS to blend in to your wood floor!

Listen, friends don’t let friends have ugly, obnoxious, glaring vents in their floor. I realize this is a first world problem, but paying attention to little details like this makes all the difference in your home.   You may remember that we recently pulled up all our carpet on the first floor of our home […]

Chippy blue dresser ——->>> calm white dresser

  I know I have previously said that I am “allergic to white paint”.  But dang it! Sometimes it’s just the RIGHT COLOR to go with, ya know???? We just finished painting this dresser and I want to tell you how we did it!   This post does contain affiliate links for your shopping convenience. […]

We painted our dining ceiling BLACK…. and I am obsessed!

As I announced on my Facebook page recently, I decided to paint our dining room ceiling BLACK.  I can’t wait to show you all this project and give you a dose of courage to do a wild painting project in your house!!!  This post does contain affiliate link at the bottom for many of the […]

Painting an old paino

    My team at The Magic Brush recently had the honor of painting a piano for a client! This was such a super fun project because the client is so amazing and…… so gutsy with color! I am in love!   This post contains affiliate links for a few products that I use and […]

Steps to repaint your front door FAST!

I think I have an obsession with front doors! I repaint mine every 2-3  years! I wholeheartedly believe your front door give visitors a peek inside to your home. It should totally reflect YOU and your person style and the vibe that is inside.  I pinkie swear that painting your front door is a project […]

Painted Brick Fireplace

  Last week, we got to work on a super fun project. We had a client who recently bought a home with the brick fireplace shown above.  She wanted to tone down the brick color without painting it solid to “look painted”.   She still wanted it to look like brick but bring it into […]

Noah’s Baseball Mural Room

  The redoing of our teen son’s bedroom continues…. last week I added these baseball finials to his curtain rods. And this week I finaaaaaaaally finished painting this baseball mural on his wall! I stretched this project out over the course of a week because sometimes I get irritated in the middle of a project […]