Six Things Every Kitchen Remodel Needs

I’ve done two kitchen remodels/updates/renovations in the past three years and I have learned a thing or two!

I have a few ideas that will REALLY make you love your new kitchen that you probably aren’t thinking about when you …

A Mirrored Tile Backsplash for a Girl Who Loves Glam

And we have a backsplash at last!!!!! No more looking at bare studs! Thank you Lord!!!!!

The funny thing is that the decorative painting company that I owned for 16 years did all of the faux finishes in this house …

Our Gorgeous Faux Marble Quartz Countertops

In the Allwood Home Remodel, I JUST showed you the big reveal of my two-toned kitchen cabinets but I wanted to dedicate a whole post to JUST my gorgeous quartz counter tops and those sinks …. that’s right! There are …

Gold Hardware for my Kitchen Cabinets

Gold is making such a comeback in all fixtures and handles. It looks amazing with blue, which we have been adding touches of blue all over my house.

So I knew I wanted gold hardware in my new kitchen remodel. …

How We Updated our Interior Faux Columns

Faux Columns Interior - Jennifer Allwood The Magic Brush

When we moved into our house there were two round columns in the dining room that were super heavily textured and the irony is that my team is who textured those very heavily nine years ago. When we hired the people to …

My Gorgeous New Bathroom Wallpaper

CONFESSION: I am a faux painter. I have never, ever, ever liked wallpaper but there are so many gorgeous ones out there lately. I have come to the dark side.

I ordered this wallpaper sample months ago from Milton & King