Is it possible to talk about running and bedazzling in the same post??

Some of my favorite girls and I recently ran the Kansas City Marathon on a relay team. We each ran a leg of the total 26.2 miles. We were running on behalf of my church, The Rock of KC for an organization called For the Silent. For the Silent wars against human trafficking: the illegal […]

The struggles I am experiencing

You know how sometimes in life you go through a season of joy and laughter and everything seems to be going along so great? And then at other times you think, what the heck is happening here? Yeah, that’s the season I am in. And God never prepares you for it. Rather He refines you […]

The physical part of my running

So, I am running again. I took several weeks off after my first half marathon but am back in the saddle and in training again. My church, The Rock of KC, is encouraging people to run in the Kansas City Marathon in October. We are running to bring attention to an organization that my church […]

Running is 90% mental

(morning of my half marathon) Wow ladies!!! I was shocked by the incredible response you showed to my post on running my first half marathon. Thank you for your encouragement and kind words. Based on the number of comments I received, that post was the most popular post I have ever written for my blog. […]

13.1 reasons why I ran a half marthon last weekend

1. I am almost 39 years old . If I don’t run a half marathon now… then when? The clock continues to tick whether I do it now or not. 2. I have 3 kiddos who watch everything I do. And I know “more is caught than is taught”. I want them to catch the […]

The “best day of his life”

Ok, I know this is a business blog and not a personal blog…. but my blog… my rules. I just gotta show off my middle child for a moment. He came to work with me for a few hours this morning. I needed to figure out the stripe width in a little boy’s bedroom. Easton… […]