How to make an industrial looking toilet paper holder (for kids who don’t replace the t.p.!)


Industrial Toilet Paper Holder for Boys Bathroom | Magic Brush

We recently updated my son Easton’s bedroom with new rustic-industrial bedroom furniture and a wood plank wall (which you can see here).

And Mr. Magic built him some wall hooks from galvanized steel for his book bag and …

Jazz up any light fixture with chandelier bling


Chandelier Crystals & Chandelier ornaments | Chandelier bling | Chandelier Ideas | Chandelier Makeover | The Magic Brush

Around Christmas time this year I gave you all a peek of my dining room and you went gaga over of all things…. the crystals on my chandelier.

You know those chandelier crystals are just MAGNETS, right???



Paint your ugly FLOOR VENTS to blend in to your wood floor!

Painted Floor Vents to match Hardware Floors | Magic Brush

Listen, friends don’t let friends have ugly, obnoxious, glaring vents in their floor.

I realize this is a first world problem, but paying attention to little details like this makes all the difference in your home.


Painted Floor Vents to match Hardware Floors | Magic Brush

You may remember …

New bedroom furniture for our teen son

You may have seen pics on my Facebook page that we have been working on redoing our son Easton’s bedroom. Easton just turned 13 and at almost 6 foot tall, apparently he needed something larger than his twin bed. Growing boys… …

Chippy blue dresser ——->>> calm white dresser


I know I have previously said that I am “allergic to white paint”. 

But dang it! Sometimes it’s just the RIGHT COLOR to go with, ya know????

We just finished painting this dresser and I want to tell you …

We painted our dining ceiling BLACK…. and I am obsessed!

Painted Black Ceiling | Magic Brush

As I announced on my Facebook page recently, I decided to paint our dining room ceiling BLACK.  I can’t wait to show you all this project and give you a dose of courage to do a wild painting project …

Steps to repaint your front door FAST!

I think I have an obsession with front doors! I repaint mine every 2-3  years! I wholeheartedly believe your front door give visitors a peek inside to your home. It should totally reflect YOU and your person style and the …